Samurai is here!

Dec 5, 2021

Wake up Samurais,

We are proud to announce the launch of the Samurai protocol.

The design of Samurai has been inspired by other well-established protocols in the world of DeFi and particularly by STRONG, RING, Olympus and Multi Chain Capital (MCC). Samurai combines the thesis, mission and functionality of these protocols to try and deliver high, stable and consistent yields in the form of its native token to its holders.

Samurai strives to be an accessible, transparent, community-driven and value-adding protocol which integrates no aspects of hierarchy or exclusivity. The vision is for anyone to be able to freely enter the protocol and access the world of DeFi, simply by attaining a SAMUARI node on our website.

To attain a SAMURAI-node and start, 100 KATANA tokens are needed. Each Samurai Node then generates 2 Katana tokens per day (according to the current reward structure, which may continuously change). We realize that the dynamics around KATANA tokens may dramatically change and should that happen, we are prepared to accordingly adjust the node pricing and reward structures, to maintain the protocol’s accessibility, sustainability and growth.

We have decided to stealth launch SAMURAI specifically on Fantom for a number of reasons. We believe that Fantom is a chain with the perfect design and infrastructure for Samurai’s underlying mission. Fantom provides a landscape with low transaction costs, high speed the chain is considerably more reliable for a protocol of our nature, as it is not prone to dramatic changes in its functionality (such as Binance Smart Chain) or significant price surges in transaction costs (such as Avalanche).

Samurai also leverages the concept of protocol owned liquidity. This is a major differentiator from other, competing protocols, as it allows Samurai to leverage its liquidity to garner and seek additional mechanisms to deliver KTNA-related emissions and incentives to its token and node holders.

To facilitate a fair and efficient launch, we have decided to bootstrap the protocol’s liquidity and did not conduct any presales or private sales. This ensures that anyone entering the protocol is in the same position and there are no meaningful advantages to any user group.

We are excited to be here and to fight in the world of DeFi together.

Risks and Diclaimers

This system is experimental and high-risk. Please do not put in more money than you can afford to lose. We can only theorize and design, we do not know what this will look like in reality. At a bare minimum it should be fun, but it may not be profitable.

The whole system will not be live yet. Sales are an integral part of the long term functionality and success of the protocol. Understand that if something goes wrong, sales may never be integrated, and if all goes well they still may not behave as expected. Again, this system is experimental and high-risk. Nothing can be guaranteed.

There is more supply than liquidity. If everyone sells when trading opens and no external demand arrives, price may fall below the stealth launch price or the price you enter.

We have done thorough internal testing but there has been no official audit.

For more details, please see our website, dApp, Twitter or Discord.

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