Samurai AI

Samurai AI is the newest feature update which introduces a unique copywriting tool enabling anyone to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Samurai AI is a product, service and a tool enabling creators, influencers, copywriters, social media managers and many others to seamlessly automate and delegate the creative processes behind creative writing with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Given the audience and industry that Samurai operates in, the tool is intended to primarily target and capture the web3-related landscape, making the jobs of projects, social media managers and influencers in the space considerably easier.

The use of the tool is token-gated by xHNR. This means that to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence that Samurai AI provides, it is required to utilise xHNR tokens. Each content generation produces 400 characters and costs 200 xHNR tokens.

The industry of AI writing is currently dominated by enterprises and startups that charge hefty fees for the usage of their tools, singnificantly reducing the accessibility of AI powered tools.

Samurai AI product

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