SIP-9: Expand MultiChain ZenGarden


Samurai Multichain ZenGarden effectively delivers the functionality of the already deployed ZenGarden smart contracts, which incentivise and reward LP staking with xHNR token emissions, among the liquidity pools of different protocols, across different blockchains, with the use of a wrapped xHNR token (wxHNR).

This proposal suggests for the protocol to update and expand the existing and current scope of MultiChain ZenGarden by adding two new liquidity pools of different protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. The addition of the two liquidity pools to the existing MultiChain ZenGarden shall incentivise liquidity providers by providing them with a stream of xHNR token emissions, in exchange for liquidity provision.

The protocols and incentivised LP pools shall include the following:


Protocol site: Incentivised pool:

Rocket Pool: RPL / rETH [ETHEREUM]

Protocol site: Incentivised pool:


Enact the proposed changes and add the proposed liquidity pools to the relevant smart contracts:

ZenGarden [ETHEREUM]

No new xHNR tokens shall be minted, as the existing reward pool is sufficiently sized to support the proposed additions

For more details about the MultiChain ZenGarden feature and the existing reward pool:

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