Initiate and adopt protocol level governance

Initiate a protocol level adoption and enforce the governance model stipulated and outlined here:

Set the following governance parameters:

Proposal validation shall require 100 000 xHNR tokens.

Voting delay shall be set to 1 hour.

Quorum shall be set to 500 000 xHNR tokens.

Voting period shall be set to 48 hours and leverage single-choice voting mechanism.

These parameters are subject to change and can be potentially altered by future governance votes.

To mitigate the occurrence and possibility of low turnout governance and expedite proposals initiated by the core team and enable them to aid in stewarding in the initial phases of the protocol’s governance, allocate 1 000 000 readily available xHNR tokens for the period of 6 months after the date of governance launch, to the protocol’s governance address. This allocation may be solely used for the purposes of governance (proposal validation and meeting quorums) and shall not be sold or utilised in any other way, shape or form.

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