SIP-10: Conduct an OTC NFT distribution event


This proposal suggests for the protocol to conduct an NFT distribution event using its bespoke OTC NFT solution / mechanism.

This will enable Samurai Node NFT holders to attain Samurai Node NFTs without being subject to tofuNFT’s royalty fees and facilitate the potential acquisition of NFTs at bulk, considerably enhancing the user experience.

By selecting many Node NFTs at once, the solution shall allow users to buy and attain Node NFTs at scale within the dApp interface in exchange for xHNR tokens. The Samurai Node NFTs shall be distributed using the Samurai Node NFTs in the Samurai Trade contract and all the xHNR tokens received in exchange for the Samurai Node NFTs shall be eventually transferred to the treasury.


Conduct the NFT distribution event at 25th of February, 5PM UTC time.

The pricing of the Node NFTs within the OTC NFT’s distribution event should be set in xHNR token terms and according to the floor price of the NFTs on TofuNFT -~ 15% to incentivise and encourage the use of Samurai’s OTC NFT alternative, in accordance with the rules stipulated in the feature’s initial governance proposal:

Utilise the Samurai Node NFT’s in the Samurai Trade contract (specifically, up to a maximum of 3230 Samurai Node NFTs) to conduct the proposed Samurai Node NFT distribution event.

If there is a surplus of Samurai Node NFTs that remain unallocated (not sold/distributed), those shall be relocated to the protocol’s treasury. The OTC NFT distribution event shall unfold within Samurai's dApp at 25th of February, 2023, 5PM UTC time for a duration of 48 hours.

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