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SIP-11: Temporarily pause Samurai Levels


Samurai Levels represents a Samurai Node NFT holder exclusive feature that gamifies, incentivises and rewards accurate understanding and knowledge of web3-related concepts with xHNR governance tokens.
This proposal suggests for the protocol to temporarily pause and put on hold the Samurai Levels feature and its related smart contracts, until a new, improved and enhanced version of Samurai Levels is released.
During this period, users shall not be able to participate and engage with the Samurai Levels feature.
The current version of Samurai Levels feature has room for improvement in terms of its user friendliness, security and viability. These areas shall be effectively enhanced and improved upon in the new iteration of Samurai Levels (v2), which also aims to effectively incorporate various aspects of the received community feedback.
Temporarily pausing this feature will allow the necessary improvements to be made to the feature without compromising the security and viability of Samurai Levels and its related tokenomic allocation.


Temporarily pause the Samurai Levels-related smart contract
The feature, Samurai Levels shall resume after/if the governance proposal outlining the Samurai Levels v2 passes the governance quorum and vote.
For more details about the Samurai Levels feature, its functionality, smart contracts and reward mechanisms, please see the previously approved governance proposal below: